Whether you stay with us for an active, relaxing holiday or perhaps a business trip, we want to give you a moment of connection with yourself – really important to regenerate yourself.

Once a week we offer you a sweet yoga awakening, a gentle yoga lesson to begin your day in the best way.

If you want to approach yoga for the first time, if you are a novice practitioner and want to deepen it, or if you simply want to dedicate yourself to a guided practice, you can book a private Vinyasa Yoga lesson.

Do you want to book the PANORAMIC PRIVATE SPA and start with a moment of mind-body connection? We offer you a 45-minute guided class and then continue with a wellness program which deeply recharges you.

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Yoga and Retreats

YOGA & REFLEXOLOGY 29.09.2023 – 01.10.2023

YOGA & REFLEXOLOGY 29.09.2023 – 01.10.2023

Weekend of transformation with Raffaella and Elisabetta Our dear Raffaella Del Turco (, who has already been with us for two yoga retreats in 2022, will offer you her unparalleled yoga and meditation practices; Elisabetta, on the other hand, will...

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